It was tragic news of drownings around the state this past weekend, one in a pool and a few others in smaller lakes around Minnesota. Going for a swim can be a risk to anyone even if they are a strong swimmer, especially on lakes and one the size of Lake Superior for sure can be a huge risk.

On Sunday a teenager was rescued from Lake Superior after temperatures dropped and the wind changed causing a riptide that the teen got caught up in before being rescued by Fire Fighter Tim Pearson who jumped in and saved the young man. Pearson said " I was able to grab onto him and keep him calm. We were taking on some pretty big waves, so if we were out there longer, I don't know what would have happened.'

Firefighters are offering some advice to keep everyone safe this summer. Namely to be vigilant and keep an eye out for each other. If possible stay in a group or swim with one other person, don't go to far out stay close to shore and pay attention to rip currents. Parents are encouraged to have young children wear life jackets and of course keep an eye on them at all times.

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When my kids were little, every once in a while we would go out to Park Point because it was so convenient. Even though the boys were strong swimmers I never let them be out in the water by themselves and they had a certain point that was as far as they were allowed to go out into the water. I was very strict with them about this but I know how quickly situations can change and they grew up having a deep respect for Lake Superior.

Captain Kevin Haney said to WDIO :

If you see anyone struggling, call 911 and if you are struggling, do your best to make a lot of noise  If you are having issues, scream, shout, whatever it might be. Don’t be embarrassed. People get in situations all the time in life and that’s just the way it is when you are playing in nature.

If you do find yourself in a rip current don't struggle and try and relax and let the  currents take you out. The rip current will eventually lose power and stop once that happens swim off in either direction left or right parallel to the beach until you can turn in towards land again and swim to safety. Let's all try and look out for each other and have a safe summer!

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