According to WDIO John Donahue was down by the St. Louis River with his Australian Shepard Tilly when he looked down for a minute and off she went chasing some geese and was out on the ice.  Donahue called for Tilly but she would not come back, so he called 911 to get some help.

Spencer Gebhart from the Duluth Fire Department put on a wet suit and headed out onto the ice to help rescue Lily who her owner John said  had been in the water probably about 30 minutes before she was rescued. Gebhardt broke through the ice about 10 feet away from the dog and she went under twice before he could reach her. Thankfully Lily is fine and back to her old self.

Firefighters had said that Donahue had done the right thing to call 911 instead of trying to rescue his dog himself. He obviously would have gone through the ice as well and the fire department would have had 2 rescues to make. We all know that this time of year the ice can be very unpredictable, so if you have your animals near the water try and keep them on a leash so you are not in a predicament like Donahue was. Thank you to the Duluth Fire Department who are well trained and equipped for these type of rescues.

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