When the Duluth Huskies played baseball they would also broadcast on the net. The Duluth Huskies expanded their digital coverage this year.

The Huskies made the announcement that they would be covering the games with video and audio, and started a new podcast this year and it paid off. More people were tuned in to learn about the Duluth Huskies and to listen and watch coverage of the games.

This year at the Fall Northwoods League Meetings the Duluth Huskies Broadcast team was given the Webcasting Team Of The Year Award for 2021. An award they won in 2019 as well. In a press release from the Huskies General Manager Greg Culver he congratulated them for winning the award for the second straight season (because 2020 was canceled).

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The award really means something to the Huskies and to the Digital Crew because the entire staff is brand new. Greg Culver explains in the press release that Shania Krause the Huskies Web Supervisor, Director, and Producer, said she was excited to get back to work to defend their last award. She said she reminded everyone of their goal by putting the 2019 award in front of everyone every chance she could.

Duluth Huskies Provided
Duluth Huskies Provided

Krause is in her 6th season with the team and 4th as a supervisor and the director said she made it known she had high hopes for the new crew and wanted to carry on the winning tradition. Krause went on to say that they had many tech issues to work through but with a little teamwork it worked out.

Shania says she is already looking to win the 2022 award and will remind everyone they are the two-time award winners and looking for a three-peat.

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