Meteorologists get a bad rap for inaccuracies in forecasts. Even with the most advanced computer technology, satellites, radars, computer models, and other tech of the trade, Mother Nature is still pretty unpredictable. While some weather people slink away from inaccurate forecasts, one Duluth meteorologist owned their forecast flub earlier this week.

The person working in Duluth's National Weather Service office on Monday published an apology of sorts after seeing that his/her initial snow forecast was going to miss the mark.

The initial forecast from this unnamed meteorologist called for a minimal 1-3 inches of snow across the Brainerd Lakes area and north toward the Iron Range and toward Duluth through the day on Monday. By late morning, it became apparent the forecast was off the mark, so they took to the area forecast discussion page to explain the reason for his/her mess-up.


In case you're curious, unofficial snowfall totals for parts of the forecast area landed north of estimates even in the updated forecast. Here are some unofficial totals from the region:

  • Deer River, MN: 8.5 inches
  • Emily, MN: 7 inches
  • Aurora, MN: 6.8 inches
  • Tamarack, MN: 6 inches
  • Virginia, MN: 7 inches
  • Longville: 7 inches
  • Hibbing,. MN: 5.5 inches
  • Aitkin: 5 inches
  • Duluth International Airport: 2.3 inches
  • Cloquet, MN: 2 inches
  • Superior, WI: 1 inch

In all fairness to the person behind this, the intricacies of a storm can mean that tiny changes in influencing factors can mean major differences in storm outcomes. We've seen it many times in this area where storms get over or underestimated. Even though this person is admittedly new, even the most seasoned meteorologists are never perfect. It's just hard to be 100% accurate. You have to respect this person for owning it though.

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