The Duluth Police Department along with some local businesses has now become part of the Catalytic Converter Initiative. This is a free service at designated businesses to help prevent the theft of catalytic converters. Vehicles that are higher off the ground tend to be more of a target because it is easier for thieves to get under the vehicles and cut them out.

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Catalytic Converters are being stolen due to their high-value precious metals. According to a Press Release from the DPD "From September 1 to October 13 of this year, the Duluth Police Department took approximately a dozen reported thefts of catalytic converters within the City. To deteriorate thieves from continuing to steal catalytic converters, DPD, in partnership with a few auto repair shops in Duluth, is using an identification kit to ID or mark catalytic converters."

So what is the program all about?  It is a super strong label that is attached to your catalytic converter with an ID Number that is registered to the vehicles VIN number which can track the stolen piece. If a thief steals a marked and registered Catalytic converter they run a real risk of being caught if an officer or a potential purchaser checks the status, by accessing the database and entering the unique code.

The Duluth Police Department’s Catalytic Converter Initiative is a grant-funded program. The following places are part of the program that will install these stickers for Free:

  1. 4th Street Auto: 1118 E 4th St, Duluth, MN  # (218) 724-8090
  2. Thompson's T-Express: 210 S 27th Ave W, Duluth, MN # (218)-722-0005
  3. Allstar Service Center: 329 E Central Entrance, Duluth, MN # (218)-279-5200

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