Ope. This is definitely not Minnesota nice: a popular bar and restaurant in the Lincoln Park area is asking for the public to help them identify two people they say dined and dashed recently.

Another Duluth favorite, The Other Place Bar & Grill, had a similar situation recently. In late May, they asked the public to help identify someone caught on camera breaking into the bar. The suspect kept his face and his hands covered.

Thanks to the power of social media, Facebook has become a good tool for businesses and police departments to try and track down suspects for certain crimes. In April, for example, the Superior Police Department asked for the public's help identifying someone in a theft investigation.

Shortly after sharing a photo from security camera footage, the person was identified. While it may seem untraditional, it seems to be effective. I guess something good can come from social media.

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Now, the Caddy Shack Indoor Golf & Pub is asking for the public's help. The popular bar and restaurant is located in the Lincoln Park area of Duluth. It has live music, great games and a fun atmosphere.

However, it isn't all fun and games, as they shared some disappointing news on their Facebook page Tuesday (June 14th). Two people, one man and one woman, dined and dashed.

They shared several shots from security camera footage. While the photos are a bit grainy at times, there are still enough photos that an acquaintance or neighbor could recognize the two people in question.

Along with the security camera footage, they also shared a message to other local businesses nearby and a plea to their local customers. They wrote the following:

ATTENTION LINCOLN PARK BUSINESSES: Be on the look out for some dine & dashers that recently left our establishment. The Duluth P.D. would like a word with them.

The business also gave a few more facts in the comments section of the post, writing that both of the people in question were wearing matching UMD jerseys. The male had brown hair and the female had black hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. The woman was also wearing black glasses.

If you recognize either of these individuals or have a tip, reach out directly to the Duluth Police Department. Dining and dashing is never cool, especially as businesses have suffered enough over the past few years.

In happier news, a horror film was shot at the Caddy Shack recently. The film is called The Hand That Feeds. It debuted at a film festival in downtown Duluth earlier this year and it seems to be a big hit with those that have seen it. How cool!

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