With troubling headlines popping up far too often these days, it was refreshing to read a a feel good story, courtesy of the Duluth Police Department.

On Friday, they shared on Facebook an email received from a citizen who recently had a son experiencing a mental health crisis.  Due to terrific training, the Duluth Police Department was able to help:

"Good evening Chief Tusken,
We would like to thank the Officers who assisted with our child.
On Wednesday evening, Officer Brandon Tahert and his partner responded to our home to assist getting our son to Bethany due to a mental health crisis.
We could hear the conversation the officers had with our son. The Officers were kind and compassionate. They used a “therapeutic” type approach to get our teen to understand that going to Bethany Crisis Shelter for the evening was the best option.
We believe he went willingly with the officers due to their professional and respectful ability to speak to him when he was in crisis.
We are very fortunate to have such dedicated officers serving the citizens of Duluth.
Thank you and be safe."

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Great job, officers!  I also think it's great when people take the time to thank people and show people appreciation when they have a great experience.  It's easy for people to take good people and experiences for granted, but then be very vocal when they come across someone responsible for a bad experience.  How cool would it be if we all supported each other just as vocally as we are when we're upset with one another?


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