This afternoon about 2,000 Duluth elementary school students are participating in the fourth annual Essentia Health Fit-n-Fun Run.

The third, fourth, and fifth-graders from Duluth elementary schools are running one-quarter mile races throughout the day. 

I've been hearing about the run for a couple weeks now.  My 4th grader, Maverick, wanted to make sure I was there.

Last night it was all about the preparation for the run.  At least, what he was going to wear for the run.   Congratulations to all the kids who participated!!

In 2008, Grandma’s Marathon and the Young Athletes Foundation partnered with Duluth Public Schools and SMDC – now Essentia Health – to create the Fit-n-Fun Middle School Assemblies and Fit-n-Fun Run. These two initiatives are aimed toward motivating children to lead healthier lifestyles.