Have ideas on how Twin Ports residents can better protect area lakes - including Lake Superior - from stormwater runoff?  The Regional Stormwater Protection Team (RSPT) wants to know.  And - you just could win prizes for your contributions.

The City of Duluth is inviting people to submit their ideas and suggestions on ways that the RSPT can make impactful changes in our areas ecosystem. To incentivize the contest, they've put together a selection of prizes that entrants will have a chance to win.

A total of $300 in prizes is up for grabs.  Included in the prizes are anti-slip winter boots from Tortoise and Hare, a $50 VISA gift card, and gift certificates to buy native plants.

Entrants who provide a new idea or suggestion will be entered into the prize drawing.  The more ideas that you share, the more chances you have at winning the prizes.

The contest and the prizes are from the same people who introduced the No Poop Fairy to the Northland a while ago. Entries can be made at poopfairy.university/game.

Community stormwater experts hope that the contest - along with the related prizes - will incentivize people to become more aware and active in stormwater runoff prevention. Ryan Granlund, the City of Duluth's Utility Programs Coordinator explains:

"We know stormwater runoff isn't always a common topic for people to be thinking about.  But we also know the best ideas can come from unexpected sources, and that's why we're hoping this will be a fun opportunity for people to play along."

According to details shared by the City of Duluth, awareness is the biggest challenge.  RSPT works to increase awareness that runoff from yard and roads that flow via ditches or along the curb into storm sewers in Minnesota is not treated, nor does it go to a wastewater treatment plant.  Instead, the runoff flows into nearby lakes and streams. The agency suggests that that's why it's important to keep the water clean.

The RSPT is a joint, collaborative effort. Many different cities and townships throughout the Northland take part. In addition, Lake Superior College, University of Minnesota, and the St. Louis County and Minnesota Department of Transportation highway departments play major roles.

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