This is the ultimate test of your nerdom, can you sit for 12-hours in a movie theater and watch the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy?

And I'm not talking about the regular version of the trilogy, but the extended versions of 'The Fellowship of the Ring', 'The Two Towers', and 'The Return of the King' for a total runtime of 11 hours and 55 minutes!

Marcus Theatres in hosting the marathon on Sunday, March 24th or Monday, March 25th starting at Noon, the marathon will be playing at the Duluth Cinema, Rochester Cinema, Parkwood Cinema near St. Cloud, and the Oakdale Cinema near the Twin Cities. Tickets for the 12-hour marathon are just $12 each, and include a 20% concession discount.

"One Does Not Simply Watch One LOTR Movie" ... So Watch Them All!

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For those that feel that a 12-hour marathon is too much nerd for one day, or want to see each movie twice, they are also offering The Lord of the Rings Passport which will get you access to individual showings of each of the  'Lord of the Rings' movies between March 15th and March 25th, and you'll get access to the marathon, all for $12, which is a great deal!

New Line Cinema
New Line Cinema

Marcus says that during the marathon showings of the trilogy, the movies will run back to back with about a 15-minute intermission between each showing. 'The Return of the King' will start playing at 8 PM, and it's a 4-hour and 13-minute movie, so you'll be into the next day before the marathon is over.

A quick check of ticket sales to this point suggests that these marathons will likely sell out, several seats have already been sold at the four locations showing the marathon, so if this is something that interests you, lock down your tickets ASAP.

The Peter Jackson directed trilogy remains one of, if not the best, film trilogies ever made, winning a combined 17 Academy Awards, including Best Picture for 'The Return of the King', the three films made over $3 billion at the box office, and with merch sales and home video sales over the years, the trilogy is estimated to have earned upwards of $15 billion!

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