Fans are gearing up for the biggest Star Wars day of the year, May 4th, and some Wisconsin fans will spend most of it in a movie theater watching all 9 movies back to back.

Only 13 locations across the country are hosting this epic marathon from a galaxy far, far away, and Marcus Theatres is playing host to the only one in Wisconsin at The Majestic Cinema located in Waukesha.

The marathon will start at 8 PM on May 3rd and has a runtime of 23 hours and 7 minutes, starting with 'Episode I: The Phantom Menace' and wrapping up with 'Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker' which starts playing at 4:45 PM on May 4th.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Screening
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Tickets for the Death Star sized marathon are $45 and includes all nine movies, a limited edition poster to celebrate the 25th anniversary of 'Episode I: The Phantom Menace', 20% off food and beverage, photo opportunities, trivia, costume contest, prize drawings, and more.

Giveaway Poster - Lucusfilms
Giveaway Poster - Lucasfilm

The ticket also includes, what might be the highlight of the event, a themed breakfast buffet, that includes the following Star Wars themed items:

  • Bantha Breakfast Wrap
  • Porg Egg Scramble
  • Puffer Pig Bacon
  • Dex’s Diner Space Waffles
  • Lothal Market Fruit Salad
  • Muja Muffins
  • Leia rolls
  • Palpatine Farms Vine Coffee
  • Moof Milk
  • Moof Juice

You have to be a HUGE Star Wars fan to understand all those references.

The marathon will be playing on two screens at The Majestic Cinema, and both are completely SOLD OUT, they sold out within a day or two of going on sale, and one of the theaters is big, with about 200 seats.

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