Do you miss the movies? Soon, you'll be able to catch them on the big screen once again!

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Not only can you see a flick on the big screen but for the month of January, you can rent out the theater for up to 20 people! The deal expires on the 31st. Prior to opening, you can check out what will be available for viewing on their website.

Of course, COVID-19 policies will be in place as the theater reopens. These guidelines were first laid out back in June, when theaters were able to reopen after being shut down for the first time. Some of the guidelines are as follows:

  • You must social distance and wear a mask.
  • Seats will be separated between different parties.
  • Bathrooms will have touchless faucets and towel dispensers.
  • There will be no hanging out or loitering in the lobby.
  • Concessions and tickets should be purchased ahead of time.
  • Employees will be wearing a face mask and gloves, in addition to having a wellness check before their shifts.

Many businesses were forced to close in mid-March as the pandemic started to ramp up. By the summertime, some restrictions were lifted and businesses were allowed to open. Following a surge in COVID-19 cases in the state near the end of the year, many had to shut down once again, including entertainment venues like the movie theater. Hopefully the movie theater can stay open for good this time.

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