We've all been offered protection plans or extended warranties when buying certain items, like electronics, at big box stores, but this offer left me speechless when one Duluth store offered it to me.

Over the holidays I was shopping and was offered a variety of these protection plans and without thinking I always said no, but one offer made me stop and ask the store employee if they were serious.

I was at Micheals, a big box store that sells craft supplies and home decor, looking for a photo frame, I found the size I needed and went to check out, during the process of paying for the frame I was offered Michaels Protection Plan for I believe an extra $3.

Tony Hart
Tony Hart

This offer of added protection for a picture frame shocked me a little, why would I get a protection plan for a $20 frame? What could happen to a frame hanging on a wall? And would I go through the effort of making a claim if it did break for some reason? Probably not, so after I asked if they were serious, I politely declined the added protection plan.

The internet is full of people discussing these ridiculous protection plans, one thread on r/Target has a mix of shoppers and employees talking about the topic, one person was offered a $3 protection plan on a 95-cent Hot Wheels car, another was offered protection on a 6-pack of disposable razors. Employees were sounding off saying that they will just not offer these plans when they pop up on low-cost items and only offer them on higher-priced items or electronics.

I don't see this trend of offering protection plan offers dying anytime soon, I suspect it will just get worse over time as these big box stores try to increase the bottom line, so be on the lookout for them and make sure that you're not a buying an unneeded protection plan.

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