Kids of the Northland have had more school this winter due to the lack of snow and cold, so it's no surprise that they will try anything to get just one more snow day, including bribing the superintendent.

This week's snowstorm has delivered more winter in two days, than over three months, and it also delivered what I think has been the only snow day for most Northland schools, so if it could be extended one more day, why not shoot your shot?

Duluth Public Schools posted a photo of a letter that was delivered in an attempt to sway Superintendent John Maga's decision about whether to have another snow or not for kids of the district.

Victoria Denisova
Victoria Denisova

The letter reads:

Dear Superintendent Magas,


These cookies are a sympol of gratitude today's snow -day.

I understand that safety is the main concern but you also brought a lot of joy.


At this point in the day, only you can know whether these are a thank you for today or a bribe for tomorrow.



Your neighbor (and 6th grader)


Well, it appears that the bribe may have worked, as Duluth Public Schools have decided to have one more snow day on Tuesday, March 26th.

It must be both good, and bad to have the Superintendent of the school district as your neighbor,  but in this case, it seemed to work out great. As the storm comes to an end over the next 24 hours, the bribe to try to get a third day will have to be pretty impressive.

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