Minnesota Governor Tim Walz went to Minnesota's most famous musical landmark, First Avenue, to sign a new bill that will forever change how tickets are sold in the state.

Chapter 94 House File 1989 does several things to protect consumers who buy tickets to concerts, sporting events, and other events in the state by adding protections to the sale and marketing of tickets.

The new bill is meant to help consumers understand the fees associated with buying tickets, and it cracks down on ticket resellers who sell fake tickets or hike the price of real ones.

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What Does The New Minnesota Ticket Law Do?

Here are the highlights of the new bill:

  • The total cost of a ticket, including fees and charges, must be disclosed by operators, ticket resellers, and online ticket marketplaces.
  • Resellers are prohibited from selling more than one copy of a ticket.
  • Resellers can no longer hire people to stand in line for tickets only to resell them.
  • The new law allows for consumers to sue a seller or reseller if harmed.

When Does The New Law Go Into Effect?

The new protections go into effect on any tickets sold on or before January 1st, 2025, and it gives the Minnesota Commissioner of Commerce the authority to enforce these new regulations.

Governor Walz says, “This law will change that. We are protecting consumers and ensuring that Minnesotans can purchase tickets for their favorite events without having to empty their pockets.”

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