If you, or your kids, love dinosaurs, this new attraction opening in Minnesota next week should be something to add to the summer to-do list.

'Dinosaur Expedition' is a new attraction that features a collection of "Dinosaurs that are “true-to-life” in both size and appearance," visitors will be able to see a variety of dinos, from babies to massive pre-historic giants that stand nearly 40-feet tall, and over 75-feet long.

The dinosaurs feature advanced animatronic technology to give the visitors so see dinosaurs "so realistic, you will think they are alive," these are the largest dinosaurs touring the country according to event organizers.

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Como Zoo
Como Zoo

Where is This New Dino Experience?

Opening on May 24th at Comotown, which is the little amusement park located next to the Como Zoo in St. Paul, the attraction will be open daily from 10:30 AM to 5 PM until September 2nd, and weekends between September 7th through the 29th.

How Much is Dinosaur Expedition at Comotown?

Comotown is free to enter, but to experience 'Dinosaur Expedition' you'll need to make reservations on their website, you can pick a date and time, and buy tickets, which are $14 each.

Como Zoo
Como Zoo

Como Zoo is a Stinky Place Right Now

The Como Zoo is also making some headlines right now for a very prehistoric looking flower that smells like rotting flesh, the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory is home to a Corpse Flower named Horace that is currently in the process of blooming, and when it does, plug your nose, because it gives off a nasty scent. It is expected to fully bloom this weekend.

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