It is almost road trip season! Minnesota has a ton of different road trips you can take just within state lines. This makes it a great time to brush up on the rules of the road and all things that come with it.

A big part of road tripping is, of course, planning out where you are going to stay. These days, everything is so expensive that it can be a little painful. You may want to save a few bucks and camp instead!

What About A Rest Stop?

You may also want to just get a few hours of sleep at a rest stop. However, you might be wondering if that is even legal. We have that answer.

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Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

Is It Legal To Sleep At A Minnesota Rest Area?

A camping website known as the Boondocker's Bible laid it all out in a way that is pretty easy to understand! It might be legal to sleep at a Minnesota rest area, according to this report, but there are limits for just how long that sleep is.

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It depends on which type of vehicle you're driving and for what purpose. Here's how it's broken down:

  • Commercial drivers can stay at a rest area for up to ten hours at most.
  • All other motorists can stay at a rest area for up to four hours at most.
  • Smaller rest areas and those attached to historical monuments allow for you to stay at a rest area for up to six hours at most.

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There you have it! Hopefully this makes it a little easier to plan out a future road trip. Summer is so close, after all.

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