After Governor Dayton signed the bill into law in March, Sunday liquor sales would be allowed across Minnesota as early as July 2. Municipalities still had to approve sales locally. Duluth voted on this issue on Monday night.

As FOX 21 reports, the City Council voted to allow sales on Sundays, however it would not start on the statewide date of July 2. Sales in Duluth will be allowed two weeks later, on July 16.

While sales will now be allowed on Sundays, this does not mean all liquor stories will sell on Sundays. Privately-owned and municipally-owned stores will have the option to remain closed if they so choose. Opponents of the legislation allowing Sunday sales argued that it would put a stress on small, family owned shops or municipally-owned shops that would need to come up with extra payroll to keep open or face the decision of remaining closed on Sundays while competitors (especially "big box" stores) would be open.

Some cities did make the decision not to allow Sunday sales locally. Bemidji made the decision to keep city-owned stores closed on Sundays and Ely voted not to allow Sunday sales, with Ely's mayor saying (via MPR) that "The ma-and-pa shops don't want to be open on Sunday, mostly. They want a day off. The amount of business they would have on Sundays would probably be a money loser in small towns."

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