The Duluth Transit Authority announced in a press release on Wednesday, June 17th that they would be providing masks to the public. They have an extra supply of masks, so they are offering them free to the public. Beginning tomorrow, Thursday June 18th, the DTA will be handing out masks free of charge from the Downtown Duluth Transit Center.

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Riders, customers, and the general public can pick up the mask at the booth during staffed hours. The Duluth Transit Authority has asked that riders wear masks to help slow the spread of COVID-19. They've also adjusted their routes and have been offering their services free of charge during COVID-19. While some routes have closed, as of May 26th, the DTA has been running at 83% of their normal route service. The free service will continue until further notice.

Duluth Transit Authority Marketing Director David Clark had this to say about supplying free masks,

“We saw the extra supply on hand and knew that this was a great opportunity to promote community health and safety.”

Riders also should be familiar with the new boarding and unboarding procedures. The DTA asks that you use the rear door entrance when you get on and off the bus. That helps limit the bus driver's exposure to people, and practically social distance.

The DTA says they will continue to hand out masks as long as supplies last. They estimate they can provide over 1,000 customers masks starting tomorrow.

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