Spring Break, the time to set the books aside and have fun.  A students dream and a parents worst nightmare.

It has been a while since I was in College, but am pretty sure Spring Break is  the same type of scene.

I went on 2 different trips one to Colorado and one to Florida . It was a total blast, and nobody got hurt or in any trouble. A success!

Even though we drove to both places in R.V.'s which was literally a Hot Mess in itself, we survived and look back on it fondly. Of course our memories are not plastered all over Facebook or Twitter, so we were good to go. Not to sound like a stick in the mud, but balance it out...you have been waiting and planning all year for this trip. Have fun, but use your brain and make it memories to last a lifetime. :) Here are some tips on what NOT TO DO, to make it a great Spring Break:

1) Accepting a drink from a stranger, even an awesome stranger.

2) Forgetting to pack or use sunblock

3)Consuming all of your beverages via tube

4)Getting in trouble with the Police.

5)Having sex in the hot tub..........

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