There's an unfortunate situation taking place in Superior, where an apartment building has been without a working elevator for weeks. While this is an inconvenience for some, others have been stuck on their floor for weeks as they are unable to physically climb up and down the stairs.

KBJR6 reported that some residents have said they have been stuck on their floor for a month now in the Clifford Lund apartments on Tower Avenue in Superior. Management had notified residents that elevator work would begin on September 7th and take a few weeks. They have made some accommodations such as placing chairs in stairwells so people can sit and catch their breath. The elevator is still not in service at the time of this article, October 20, 2021.

For some people that's still not an option. The situation has been getting attention on social media in Superior, with some people frustrated with the management company, Merdian Group. Others have defended the company saying the repairs are necessary and they did warn residents. Merdian did offer to give some a few nights hotel stay, but the repairs have been taking longer than expected.

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The issue was brought to the City of Superior, and officials say there is nothing they can do. It's unclear how long the repairs will take. In the meantime people that are not able to use the stairs are worried about emergencies, and how they will get out of the apartment if they need medical care. Merdian Management Group had given residents notice for quite some time about the scheduled repair. Unfortunately it appears to be taking longer than expected.

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