Emilia Clarke didn't win at the 2018 Emmys for her role on Game of Thrones and fans are understandably upset.

While the hit HBO series won Outstanding Drama Series and Peter Dinklage took home the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor, the actress was robbed of her final chance to win an Emmy for playing Daenerys Targaryen. Instead, the Outstanding Actress award went to Killing Eve's Jodie Comer.

The loss was pretty shocking to those who thought this was going to be Clarke's moment — especially because of everything she went through while filming the show — and fans quickly pointed that out on Twitter.

Of course, the loss did not come as a surprise to GoT fans who hated the final season. During the red carpet, Clarke even commented on the backlash, calling the criticism "profoundly flattering."

She told Variety, “You know what? It was profoundly flattering is what it was because when someone cares that much that they’re ready to make such a noise about how they believe the characters should’ve been finished and how the story should’ve gone. That’s just enormously flattering. That just shows how much everybody loved it.”

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