After eviscerating President Trump during his freestyle session at this year's BET Hip Hop Awards this past Monday, Eminem returns with a brand new guest verse on P!nk's "Revenge" off her new album Beautiful Trauma. Buy the song on iTunes or stream it below via Spotify.

The song deals with getting revenge on an unfaithful ex, and Shady's verse ends with, "So when you're driving, driving to his house, and you pass me while I'm driving to hers/Just remember, you cheated on me first, you're a whore, you're a whore, this is war."

Naturally, the song was going to be in the pop music ballpark, so don't expect anything nearly as hardcore as "The Storm." Nonetheless, it further indicates Shady's gradual return to the public spoitlight.

Rumors started swirling this week that Em's next album is due Nov. 17, though a rep for Interscope tells XXL "nothing has been announced or confirmed yet."

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