I want to make this clear that I am not encouraging anybody to do any of these pranks, each school is different as to how they handle these and I don't want anyone to get in trouble. I just think some of these are pretty funny.

I did a very non scientific poll around the office to see what Senior Pranks were done at the old High School of some of my co-workers. I need to make the disclaimer that some of the people involved may or may not have been part of the prank.

  • JOSH-THIEF RIVER FALLS H.S- Someone brought a bunch of chickens into the school in the middle of the night and marked them 1,2,and 4 so the faculty spent a good part of the day looking for chicken number #3 which did not exist.
  • Ian-Duluth Denfeld H.S.: Wrapped Saran wrap around a few of the teachers cars.
  • Jess-Willow River H.S.- A group blew up hundreds of balloons and put them in the Gym Teachers office.
  • Anonymous-Wrenshall H.S.-The students took all the desks and put them on the roof adjacent to the classroom when the teacher left. He came back and all the students were sitting in their desks on the roof. (Can you guess who went to Wrenshall High School?)
  • Jeanne Ryan-Homestead H.S.( Milwaukee Suburb) -A bunch of guys from shop class assembled an entire car on the roof of the main entrance of the building.

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