The Miller Hill Mall has sees some major changes the last few years with many stores closing nationwide our local stores have gone by the wayside as well. One big part of the mall was Sears, but now some of that retail space will be taking on a new life.

Essentia has announced that they will be opening a new Outpatient Day Surgery Clinic in the old SEARS building, well 40% of it will be converted into the surgery center, which will be about 33,000 square feet. It includes operating rooms, a lab, and a pharmacy. No word yet on what will be in the other 60% of the space.

Construction is expected to begin this Spring. This type of clinic will make some day surgeries more affordable and quicker for  some patients. Plus it will be very convenient to get to versus having to navigate the hospital.

Dr. Jon Pryer, the president of Essentia Health East Market said:

I wish it was opening up tomorrow, we’ve needed it for a while. Again, I think this is great use of that space that’s vacant right now and I think it’s great for the community and it can’t happen soon enough as far as I’m concerned.

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Having a clinic like this that is so much more accessible and possibly more affordable might open the door for many more people to get these procedures done now.

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