In an effort to reduce the number of patients coming and going at Essentia Health, they are expanding video appointments.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and related stay at home mandate in place, this will allow patients to receive medical attention without having to leave their residence.

According to their press release:

To schedule your virtual visit, patients can call their regular clinic’s appointment line or go through the MyHealth website or the MyChart app. At a set appointment time, they’ll log into the MyHealth website or the MyChart app and the visit will start. The patient and provider will converse with audio and video like they would if they were together in the exam room together.

These virtual visits are covered the same way an in-person visit is through most insurances.

Essentia Health had been planning to introduce virtual visit technology later this spring, but that technology has been fast-tracked due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To take advantage of this option, a MyHealth account must already be established.  You can follow the link below for complete details and instructions.

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