You mean everything to me, be my Valentine, I can't live without you. These are some of the things that are said over and over many times, many ways.

If it weren't for these writers, there would be a lot of single men out there. These are the people who speak for someone, to someone and say just the right thing. Someone who loves you, chose this just for you because it says what they want to say. Who are these people?

So how do they do it?  American Greetings has set up a few videos showing how their artist and writers work together to create the cards you buy. Only in these stories, they are more personalized for the person they are talking about. If YOU think it's hard to find the right words to say to your Valentine, imagine how greeting card writers feel.

Greg Vovos, senior writer at American Greetings, and Anne McEvoy have been writing for the company for 30 years according to Huffington Post.  They both say they have to pay attention to the world around them, what's hot on tv, the radio, top news, what's hot in the world, young and old, and write it in a way that catches your eye.

They both say they both like reading stories of how people met, and how they celebrate, it helps to come up with some generic words that cover real-life events. Sometimes they have to reach deep in order to get that specialized card. Sometimes it's a personal memory.

Each of them gave examples of how it's harder nowadays to write a card and also what their workflow is. They talk about putting pictures from social media of regular everyday people and what they are doing and who they are with to start from. Once they get in a groove they can crank out a couple of 20 or more cards.

For an example of changing times and people doing their own thing, Anne says, new love is not two high schools or 20 something or older people meeting, it's gay, lesbian, middle-aged, and seniors. It's pets and in-laws. The world has changed so much they say.

All in all, they both agree they have a lot left in them. After all, there are many ways to say, I love you or get well, or I'm sorry. They keep learning new ways to be funny or to say something that captures what you feel.

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