Summer in Minnesota, is something I wait for with baited breath as soon as Fall starts, but with that comes bugs and the worst one is deer ticks. According to WCCO/cbslocal deer ticks have already been spotted in Dakota County on April 12th.

A manager with the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District says that she anticipates a deer tick explosion rather than a slow trickle down effect. Deer ticks are the only ones that carry Lyme Disease so you need to be on alert when out in the woods, brush or even in grass.

Some patients affected by Lyme disease suffer from symptoms for months even years. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) symptoms of Lyme Disease include fever, headache, fatigue and skin rash. Most cases of Lyme disease can be treated successfully with a few weeks of antibiotics.

Don't forget to get your dogs and cats a preventative tick treatment as well, consult your Veterinarian about what they recommend. We have had issues in the past with one of our dogs developing a reaction on her fur and skin from a certain topical treatment brand.

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