There's a new video format going viral on TikTok, and it's all about impersonating your favorite celebs to get their coins.

The POV-style trend imagines how users would channel a celebrity's typical expression and mannerisms in order to unlock their stolen phones using the Face ID feature. Once they're in, it's Apple Pay time.

"POV: you stole Britney Spears phone but you need face id to pay with apple pay," text on a popular example reads. The user — @tapirephobiee — gives their best Spears impression by swaying back and forth with their thumbs in their pockets, a serious expression on their face. All in all, it's a solid recreation of one of the hit-maker's many Instagram fashion shows.

The TikTok was viewed 3.9 million times in a day.

Other videos find users recreating Drake's signature pout, Ariana Grande's cheeky smirk and Grimes' otherworldly expression in order to make a purchase with their (hypothetical) stolen phones.

Some of the examples are extremely committed, including one in which a user puts on a wig to really perfect their Ed Sheeran impression.

Check out some of the most ridiculous videos below:

You'll notice that each example is soundtracked to the sound of wild laughter. If the laugh sounds familiar that's because it was lifted from another viral video.

The trending audio originated in a viral video posted to influencer Brittany Broski's alt account @lostmymarblesagain. Watch her original video to hear the full audio, below:

The viral TikTok format comes on the heels of North West's introduction to the app. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's 8-year-old daughter launched a joint account with her mom in late November.

Unsurprisingly, their page @kimandnorth is a certified hit. They rapidly amassed 2 million followers, and many of their videos have been viewed millions of times.

BuzzFeed noted that North is too young to actually run the page on her own, and that her mom actually manages it. That means Kim is probably the one checking the comments section and reading what viewers have to say. However, that knowledge hasn't stopped fans from trying to get North to share her parents' banking info or credit card numbers.

"Have you seen that trend where you show all your parents' bank info," one user asked, according to BuzzFeed.

You've got to give it to them for trying. Maybe December will be all about the different ways to get that coin? We'll have to wait and see...

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