If you're not quite ready to settle into winter, there appears to be some good news in the forecast!

Despite the (wildly inaccurate) forecast for snow and cold in the middle of November from the "experts" at the Farmer's Almanac, things look to trend warmer as we work our way deeper into the month across Minnesota and Wisconsin.

It's important to remember that these predictions of "warmer" are relative to what normal temperatures for this time of year are, but I did see some 50s in the forecast - and that's plenty warm for the second half of November!

Here's what the professionals with NOAA's Climate Prediction Center see as far as temperatures go for Minnesota and Wisconsin for the rest of the month.

Next Week: November 14-18 Outlook

Next week looks to be the greatest odds of seeing above-average temperatures across Minnesota and Wisconsin. The 10-day outlook for places around the region provides a closer look at that warm trend, pointing to a few days of quite pleasant temperatures.

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In the Duluth-Superior area, for example, temperatures could trend from around 50 on Sunday to around 55 on Wednesday before starting to trend back downward to 50 by Friday.

In areas like the Twin Cities and Eau Claire, Sunday could see mid-50s with low 60s possible in the mid to late part of next week.

Even further north on the Iron Range could see 50 on Wednesday, the expected warmest day of the week, with the rest of the week trending in the mid to upper 40s.

The Following Week's Outlook: November 16-22

NOAA Climate Prediction Center
NOAA Climate Prediction Center

As we head toward Thanksgiving, the warmer weather trend is expected to continue. The Climate Prediction Center is calling for a 70-80% chance of above-normal temperatures for most of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

That sounds nice, but what is "normal" for temperatures at that time in November?

In the Twin Cities, it is around 40 degrees, the Duluth-Superior area in the mid-30s, on the Iron Range in the low-30s, the upper-30s in the Hayward area, and in the upper-30s in the Eau Claire area.

Outlook For The Rest Of November 2023

NOAA Climate Prediction Center
NOAA Climate Prediction Center

Minnesota and Wisconsin hold on to bias toward warmer-than-normal temperatures for the end of November, seeing the greatest odds of that in the northern parts of both states.

Again, remember that these maps indicate the odds of being warmer than normal. Normal at the end of the month is a few degrees cooler yet than the normals I mentioned for the week before this forecast period.

That said, "warmer than normal" could be temperatures in the upper 30s or around 40 to qualify. That's not "hot" by any means, but it also isn't frigid.

If that forecast holds, it will make those loathing the idea of winter coming happy while decreasing the odds of getting ice on area lakes for ice anglers or snow on the ground for snow enthusiasts before getting into December.

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