I'm finding out one of the crappy things about getting older is learning about the death of people that were part of your childhood.  This week is kind of a bummer with the death of the "Overweight Lover" Heavy D, now I learn the Bil Keane, the man that created the 'Family Circus' has died at the age of 89.

I loved reading the short 'Family Circus' comics as a kid, I had several of the books (and still do) and would always enjoy the time spent with Billy, Jeffy, Dolly P.J. and of course "Who Me?"

Keane created 'Family Circus' in February of 1960 and the comics have continued in over 1,500 papers worldwide since, making it the most widely syndicated cartoon panel in the world.  The books I referred to earlier have sold over 13 million.

Thanks for the great memories Mr. Keane, RIP.




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