A Family In Amityville New York (Yes the same place as the scary book and movie) are suing their landlord because they have a ghost!

Apparently this woman, her 2 kids and her boyfriend have been experiencing some spooky things like objects tipping over, and someone or something pulling off the sheets when they are in bed.

They want their $2,250 security deposit back because they say the house is haunted. But, the landlord is saying that she is in over her head with the rent and is trying to break the lease.  I am a big believer in this and get totally freaked out at these stories.

A few years ago I was living with 2 roomates here in Duluth, and the apartment we lived in was very old, from the early 1900's. I am sure back in the day this was a very luxurious apartment, but not so much anymore. I would hear footsteps all the time and one time heard someone knock on my bedroom door and I was the only one home!

Let's just say it was rare that I was ever home by myself. I moved out a short time later, not necessarily because of the ghost, but to this day I still get creeped out just thinking about it. And one more thing, next time you tour the William A.Irvin you are not alone.... I'm just saying. :)


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