The Superior Public Library is offering a virtual program where people can learn about landlord and tenant rights. This will take place on Tuesday, April 27 at 6pm in a virtual format. Rental housing is very common and it's important that both tenants and landlords understand the various laws and responsibilities.

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According to the Data USA, Superior Wisconsin has 54.7% of the population that owns their own home. That leaves a majority of the rest as renters. Renters and landlords both have rights in terms of rental conditions, payments, evictions, and safety measures. For example, did you know that if a renter abandons a property, the landlord has a specific amount of time that they need to store their belongings? Also did you know that landlords can't just pop in and out of one of their rental properties? Laws like these sometimes make sense and sometimes can be confusing. That's why it's important to know your rights.

The program will be presented by Jeff Kersten, Agency Liaison for the Wisconsin Bureau of Consumer Protection. His job is to educate the public and provide resources for responsibilities involved with renting in Wisconsin. He also educates the public, law enforcement, and businesses in data security, privacy protection, identity theft, and other consumer protections. Jeff has 12 years experience in law enforcement and also was a consumer protection investigator for the Bureau of Consumer Protection.

As with most events at the Superior Public Library, this rental and tenant rights program is free to the public. However, registration is required. Once you are registered by e-mailing, you will receive a link to the event in an e-mail.

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