Once again the Superior Public Library will be holding their annual genealogy event, although this time it will be in a 100% virtual format.  The name of the event is "Fooling Around With Your Family Tree," and it will take place virtually on April 9 from 6-9pm.

There will be featured speakers Eileen Gannon and Lisa Harmadi giving presentations on how DNA testing can help with genealogy research. You could find new cousins, or perhaps break down difficult barriers that arise when digging through your ancestry. They will also talk about the pros and cons in regards to ethnicity estimates from DNA tests.

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Also, nationally known genealogy expert Thomas MacEntee will speak about next year's release of data from the 1950 census. Apparently there is a 72 year old rule on releasing census data with the National Archives, so next year the 1950 census records will be available on April 1, 2022. The 1950 census was different than previous years, and you can learn about what makes it so important, and how to access the data.

The "Fooling Around With Your Family Tree" is a free event put on by the Genealogy Club, but registration is required.  You can send an e-mail to mehlel@superiorlibrary.org. You can also find more information available and sign up on the library's website. You also can just skip ahead and go directly to the registration page. Once participants are registered, they will receive and e-mail with the link for the online presentation that will take place on April 9, 2021 from 6-9pm.

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