The Superior Public Library once again is hosting their 5th annual 'Foolin' Around With Your Family Tree' event on Friday April 3rd from 5-9pm. It's a free event where you can will have resources and experts to help you learn more about your family tree. There will be presentations from genealogy experts during the event.

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You'll learn how to be tech-savy in your genealogy research with a presentation from Vikie Chupurdia, a genealogy expert. Christopher Welter is an archivist from the Iron Range Research Center in Chisolm, and he will teach you how to preserve your keepsakes for future generations.

You'll also have after hours access to the library resources where these experts and volunteers will assist you in your searches.

You need to register for this free event by calling 715-394-8860 or email There will be beverages available for free, and you are allowed to bring your own meal or purchase a lunch box for $10.


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