For the previous 10 years the Superior Public Library has done their yearly Love Your Local Artist in person, this year it will have to be done online.

The fundraiser for the Superior Public Library will give you an opportunity to bid on some great stuff from a handful of local artists. Starting February 1st the handcrafted items will be available to view on the Superior Public Library website with bidding starting on February 8th and ending on February 12th.

Some items up for auction include handmade jewelry, a handcrafted wooden tree, a vintage chair from Superior’s old Webster Chair Factory, framed photograph of Foxboro’s Empire Creek, handmade cards, paintings and much more.

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Also, during the month of February the Superior Public Library's website will feature more information about the artists that are contributing their work for this year's event and a photo slideshow of previous Love Your Local Artist events.

Today, January 18th, is a big day for the library as it is reopening to the public after having to close at the end of 2020 due to COVID-19. Curbside pickup is also still available for Superior Public Library patrons.

The Superior Public Library has also abolished late fees for overdue items as of the first of the year, you can read more about the new policy here.


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