The Superior Public Library has announced that they have abolished late fees for overdue items effective as of January 1, 2021. The library says they are proud to join the movement of other libraries in removing fines to make the library more accessible. Fines could be a potential financial barrier to members of the community.

While overdue books will no longer incur charges, damaged or lost items will still be fined.

Library Board President Rick Arnold explains the decision to remove late fees.

“A fine of $5 can feel very different to families with different economic situations. We want to encourage everyone in our community to check out material for their families and use all the great services our library offers.”

The library elaborates in a press release that studies have shown that libraries who have eliminated overdue fines experience the same rates of return as libraries that do fine.

Mayor of Superior Jim Paine also voices his support,

The founding principle of our public library is the radical idea that free access to knowledge is good for democracy. In Superior, I’m proud to see our library upholding their values by removing barriers for our citizens.”

Existing fines have been waived. If an item is overdue for 28 days, items are assumed to be lost and the account will be billed for the replacement costs. You can find more information on the new fines free policy at the Superior Public Library website.

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