Milwaukee Wisconsin , my Hometown is famous for Beer and Brats or sausages in this case. But one famous sausage came out missing and it sent a panic through the community.

Every home game for the Milwaukee Brewers holds a tradition of the racing Klements sausages and one of them is the Italian Sausage. It is a hilarious display of pure athletic ability. A few pranksters decided to take the famous Italian Sausage Costume that was being stored at a bar in a Milwaukee suburb.

The culprit posed for pictures with patrons and busted a move or two before disappearing into the night. But with public outcry and the police on the hunt to find the thieves it was returned by 2 men at the bar it was stolen from days later.

Apparently  the 2 men walked into the bar with the costume, dropped it off and told the staff "you did not see anything" and ran out the door. They had good reason to run, the costume is valued at $3,000 and the Cedarburg Wisconsin Police are hot on their trail.

The Klements Company is taking it all in stride laughing it off, and are relieved to get the costume back. Check out the video below of one of the races at Miller Park in Milwaukee.

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