Here’s what’s in Far East Movement‘s video for ‘Live My Life (Party Rock Remix)’: Dancing flash mobs, zebra print bus interior, a disco ball, gold chains galore, massive emblems, colorful clothing, zany glasses, huge ghetto blaster radios, a party rock atmosphere and Red Foo of LMFAO, to name a few. Here’s what’s not in Far East Movement’s video for ‘Live My Life (Party Rock Remix)’: Justin Freakin’ Bieber!

The Biebs lends his voice to the chorus, singing ‘Live my life,’ sorta like RiRi did on T.I.‘s similarly named, 2008 smash hit, ‘Live Your Life.’ But he does not make a cameo in the video. Pft. What a let down, right?

Well, it’s not as bad as you think. Sure, JB is nowhere to be found. Despite the gaping hole that develops due to his absence, Red Foo certainly makes up for it, by bringing the party rock. Hello! He specializes in party rocking and if Red Foo is in the hizzy and someone is not having a good time, check ‘em for a pulse.

R. Foo shakes what the good Lord gave him — with fans on the street and with the members of Far East Movement. They hop aboard an open-top bus and have a grand old time. It’s all bootys, bevs and bros!

This is how they do it, sipping on that fluid.

Watch Far East Movement ‘Live My Life (Party Rock Remix)’ Video