Fat Joe and Chris Brown are the new beach boys in their video for ‘Another Round.’ The song is the new single from the New York rapper’s still-untitled album, due out in 2012. The clip features Fat Slim Joe and Breezy on the California beach performing the song with a bevy of hot babes in bikinis.

In the video, directed by Colin Tilley, Joe is the ultimate playboy with an ascot as he promises a cutie ecstasy beyond her wildest dreams. “I know you want it / I can take you where your man won’t,” he raps. Meanwhile, Brown is singing the yearning hook while taking a dip in the ocean. He later rips open his shirt to reveal his muscular tattooed body. We think the ladies will appreciate that.

Fellas, don’t worry, the eye candy models will hold your attention, as well. The sepia-colored visuals help highlight their smooth skin tones as they frolic on the beach and work on their sun tans. It must be nice.

After watching Fat Joe’s ‘Another Round’ video, we are ready to book a one-way ticket to an exotic island. The clip will definitely keep warm you during the winter months.

Watch the Fat Joe ‘Another Round’ Video Feat. Chris Brown

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