As long as I can remember, I've been self-conscious about the size of my feet.  I can't borrow shoes from friends, because they all have normal sized feet.  I had a friend in elementary school named Sarah.  Her older brother, Zach, always teased me when I went over to her house.  One zinger that I still remember was when he reminded me  "grab your canoes...I mean shoes," before I left.  Well now I've found female celebrities with feet bigger than mine, and I feel much better about my canoes.

Size 10½

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Can you tell who those feet belong to?  If I told you it was Sandra Bullock would you be surprised?  Those things look built for Speed.

Want more celebrities with size 10½?

How about Anne Hathaway?

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AND Beyoncé?

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Stay tuned...tomorrow I'll bring you famous celebrity women with size 11 feet!