Minnesota's only National Park seems like it doesn't get the love it deserves. While the park features pristine lakes, lush forests, abundant wildlife, and just generally serene wilderness make this park on the Minnesota-Canada border seems like it is often forgotten about even among those that live in Minnesota. This video might change that.

Voyageurs National Park is oriented around water and wilderness, offering solitude and serenity to those that enjoy fishing, camping, hiking, photography, and many other outdoor activities. While it doesn't have a key defining attraction like many other National Parks have, there is still much to love about the park.

Filmmakers Will and Jim Pattiz from Atlanta, Georgia paid a visit to Voyageurs for the latest in their series of National Parks videos on their Vimeo channel "More Than Just Parks." The Voyageurs video joins other super high-resolution videos from parks like Grand Teton, Zion, Olympic, and Badlands National Parks.

As someone who has been to Voyageurs on a few occasions, I can say this video does an amazing job of selling the magnificence of the park. If you've never been there, it might make you want to plan a trip to Voyageurs, which is only a short drive up US 53 from Duluth.