Minnesota is home to many awesome locally-made adult beverage options, many of which come from the Duluth area and North Shore. If you're looking to explore these locally-crafted beverages for yourself, The Growler has created a map dubbed "Land of 10,000 Drinks" that will show you every spot in the North Start State.

The cool thing about this map is that it not only shows you where all of these beverage creation locations are, but it also allows you to filter the map to show just precisely what you're looking for. Interested in a winery that offers a tour? No problem! A brewery that features live entertainment to enjoy while you sip a beer? You got it!

The map even features some regional attractions near some of the facilities you might pay a visit to. The map has all the makings of creating a statewide brewery (or winery, etc.) tour. Just don't plan on drinking and driving. Make sure you have someone not partaking lined up to be behind the wheel.

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