According to CBS 3 North Shore Veterinary Hospital  at 6001 East Superior Street is one of only seven in the country to achieve the "Fear Free Practice Status." We bring all of our animals to this clinic and I know that they have done a ton of remodeling. In the past dogs and cats were in the same waiting area and also for our dogs who are very little we would hold them in our arms in case there would be any big dogs in the lobby.

The waiting room is now gone, and a greeter will escort their four legged patient and their human companion into an exam room. Species specific rooms are available and calming substances are also used along with pet friendly music. My guess "Who let the dogs out?"

Dr. Michael Hargrove.who is the owner of North Shore Veterinary Hospital said that you notice a huge difference in the animals from their heart rate, blood pressure and temperatures are actually lower because of less stress being at the clinic. All the staff at this Veterinary Hospital are awesome, and now here is even more reason to go there.


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