This is a good sign and welcome news after the past few years: the annual Fitger's 5K is back to normal capacity for the 2022 race.

Just one month ago, Grandma's Marathon shared the exciting news that the weekend races for the big event were filling up at a record pace. The race will be held the weekend of June 17th.

In 2020, Duluthians and runners alike were devastated when the COVID-19 pandemic forced organizers to cancel the big race. It was the first time in the history of the historic race that it had to be cancelled.

Last year, as the pandemic continued raging on, the race was able to happen in person but not as usual: all races were maxed out at half capacity in an effort to keep everyone safe. They also offered a virtual option for those that weren't comfortable running in person.

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Of course, Grandma's Marathon isn't the only big race. There are a handful of other fun races throughout the year that Grandma's puts on, including a three-race challenge called the KP Challenge. The money raised through the event benefits the Young Athletes Foundation.

One of those races is the popular Fitger's 5K. It is a favorite among locals and kicks off at Fitger's and takes you through downtown Duluth and Canal Park before looping you back to the hotel and mall.

This year will be better than ever as race organizers announced that the race will return to normal capacity for the 2022 race! The normal route will also be back after a few modifications were made the past few years.

So what is full capacity? 2,000 participants. According to race organizers, the race is expected to sell out before the day of the big race, which is Saturday, April 23rd. This is more than double the participants that were able to take part last year as COVID-19 policies put a cap on things.

It is not too late to sign up for the 5K. It will kick off around 9 a.m. that Saturday morning. It is a great way to start the day and get some fresh air while going through Duluth's most popular areas! It is just $35 bucks to sign up ahead of time and $40 to sign up on the day of the race.

If you have a child that wants to run with you, kids twelve and under can run for just $15 bucks. Everyone will get a commemorative t-shirt and a pair of socks to document the occasion. You can sign up for the race on Grandma's website.

Remember, they encourage everyone to sing up for the race ahead of time as it is likely to sell out before race day. Waiting to sign up until the morning of the race may mean there isn't a spot open for you.

My very favorite Grandma's Marathon race has to be the North End Nightmare. It has only been around for a few years but it is a blast. Weaving up and down Superior, the race takes you through different haunted portions of road. There are clowns, zombies and just about any other monster you can imagine.

It takes place every October and if you love all things scary, you have to try it out. If you don't, it could motivate you to run even faster away from all the ghosts and ghouls.

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