Growing up In Southern Wisconsin I am very familiar with names of towns that sound a little strange, but let me tell you Minnesota has a few too.


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    Yes a town called Welcome actually exists and they call themselves "The Friendly City." The last Census was done in 2010 and the population was 686 people. Welcome is in the southern most part of the state close to the Iowa border and close to Fairmont.

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    My mom always told me never to assume something, and I am sure the good folks of Assumption hear that all the time. No word how how many residents live there since it is unincorporated. The town got it's name from the Roman Catholic Church. Located in Southern Minnesota in Carver County.

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    Sleepy Eye

    This has to be one of my all time favorite names, my sister actually had a roommate from College who was from there. Sleepy Eye is in Southern Minnesota in Brown County. According to Wikipedia the town got it's name from Sleepy Eye Lake that was named after Chief Sleepy Eye who was Sioux Native American. According to a census in 2010 the population was 3,599 people.

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    The City of Climax was named after a chewing tobacco company when it was founded in 1896. According to the 2010 Census the population was 267 people. The town itself is right on the border of Minnesota and North Dakota and is just west of Fertile, MN.

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    Nimrod is almost straight west of Duluth in Wadena County and as of 2010 was the smallest incorporated towns in Minnesota with a population of only 69 people. Every year since 1979 during Labor Day the city hosts "Nimrod Jubilee Days"

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