Bad ideas 101: riling up a sleeping snake.

Yup, this guy thought, "Hey, why don't I touch this quietly resting anaconda?" It's a light bulb moment for the Jackass set. If anything, when the light bulb went on over his head, odds are no light shone because it was a pretty dim thought.

You don't have to know anything about snakes to realize it's probably a bad idea. It's not like the snake is going to think it's getting a massage or anything stress-busting like that.

Then again, why this fella decided to poke a snake is one of many questions we have. He doesn't speak English, so what is he actually saying? Why did he laugh after the snaked lunged at him? And, most importantly, why is there a humongous snake coiled up like a pile of poop from a sick a German shepherd in his house in the first place?

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