Living in Duluth, you never know when the sun will shine or when it will randomly snow in April. The weather has been pretty cold lately, but at lease we didn't get a foot of snow like we did back in 2014.

The 2013-2014 winter season the 7th snowiest on record for Duluth, and this week four years ago definitely helped. Duluth got about 11 inches between April 3rd and 4th, while places like Superior, Holyoke, and Ashland got over 15 inches. I've seen and heard so many people complain this week about the cold and inch of snow we got. So I'm here just saying, it could be worse. Check out some videos from the snowfall four years ago this week down below.


If you think that looks fun, check out the week of April 6th-13th of 2013:



I'm hoping it doesn't snow anymore, but you never know what will happen in Duluth.

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