Minnesota golfers might find themselves going into winter withdrawals as the snow and cold grip the Land of 10,000 Lakes each year. Your options are generally either to jet off to a warmer place or to check out indoor golf simulators or Top Golf.

This winter, golfers missing their clubs will have the chance to swing away in a new venue, landing your well-hit golf balls on the field at US Bank Stadium (or maybe shanking it off into the stands).

The opportunity to dust off the clubs and swing away at US Bank Stadium is part of a partnership opportunity between the venue and a company called Upper Deck Golf, which puts on events like this at sports stadiums.

Earlier this year, the company held golfing events at places like T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, and Busch Stadium in St. Louis. The Twin Cities are the next destination on the schedule, with two future opportunities and venues in Minnesota on the calendar.

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The first of these two opportunities is, as I mentioned earlier in this story, at US Bank Stadium. This opportunity to play the Top Golf-esque style of golf will be from February 23 through February 25, 2024.

There are two types of tee times available for golfers. One is what they call the "Standard Tee Time", which includes a round of golf inside US Bank Stadium, a complimentary set of golf balls, clubhouse bar with golfing challenges, and special stadium access. Their website says standard registration costs start at $79.99 per person.

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The other is their VIP Tee Times, which includes all of the stuff you get with the standard tee time, with the addition of extra golf balls ("mulligans"), free entry into a driving challenge, free entry into a putting challenge, free entry into a chipping challenge, and a complimentary meal and beverage item, which includes beer, wine, and well drinks for those 21+.

You can learn more about both of these and get on the waitlist on their website.

This isn't the only opportunity to play a round in one of Minnesota's sports venues, though!

The Upper Deck Golf team is also teasing that they will be bringing their style of golf to Target Field "soon". They don't provide a date, though it will likely be during warmer weather in 2024. The offerings for the Target Field experience will be the same as the one at US Bank Stadium. You can get on the waitlist and learn more about the Target Field Upper Deck Golf experience here.

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