Damarious Randall was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2015 and made a huge promise over Twitter. If the Cavaliers win, everyone who retweeted his tweet about the 2018 NBA Finals will get a jersey.

In case you're wondering, it has been retweeted over 1 million times. Randall didn't specify which jersey he would supposedly buy, but let's do some math shall we? A LeBron James replica jersey at the NBA Store costs about $70. So if the Cavs win the series, Randall will paying about $70,000,000.

Now, if he's talking about buying everyone a jersey of himself (he currently plays for the Cleveland Browns) his jersey runs around $100 on NFL Shop. A little more pricey, costing the Safety $100,000,000. That's a lot of 0's and a huge promise to make if the Cavs can pull off a finals victory.

I'm not sure if he'll go through with it though. He's currently in a 5 year contract and after this year, he'll be making $1,090,381 with a $424,037 roster bonus. So maybe he'll borrow some money or maybe everyone will get an infant Trent Richardson jersey going for a low $12 at NFL Shop.

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